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Plaudit Turnov

Plaudit Restaurant with its more than ten-year history offers our guests a unique combination of high-quality gastronomy and pleasant atmosphere in non-traditional spaces. In all our restaurants you can always look forward to a pleasant dining experience and fine meals prepared for you by our excellent cooks.

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Bezručova 698,

511 01 Turnov


Tel.:   +420 481 311 288

GSM: 733 532 998

E-mail: turnovplaudit@seznam.cz

GPS: 50.5889347N, 15.1479394E


Opening hours:

Mo - Tu:      11.00 - 23.00
We - Th:      11.00 - 24.00
Fri:               11.00 - 01.00
Sa:               11.00 - 24.00
Su:               11.00 - 22.00